Statement No.1


Department of Social Gerontology

Institute of  Social Work

Pedagogical University of Cracow

is pleased to invite you to participate in

The First International Scientific Conference of Visegrad Group countries


Conference venue:

Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki,

ul. Basztowa 22, Kraków

Conference date:

13th June 2017


The conference is organized under the patronage of:

Polish Educational Research Association

His Magnificence Rector of the Pedagogical University of Cracow

prof. dr. hab. Kazimierz Karolczak

Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy Elżbieta Rafalska

Governor of Małopolska Józef Pilch

Polish Society of Gerontology

Kraków Branch of the Polish Journalists' Association

Consul General of Hungary in Cracow dr hab. Adrienne Körmendy

Consul General of the Slovak Republic  in Cracow Mr. Ivan Škorupa

Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Wroclaw Mr. Arkadiusz Ignasiak



The meeting and discussion of various academics from countries of the Visegrad Group on the problems of older persons in the social space with particular emphasis on the media, due to the interest of creating the image of seniors in various types of media. Undoubtedly, the modern  image of the senility, and thus the elderly, is generated by a variety of different factors. The perception of the oldest generation influences the attitudes towards senior citizens, their quality of life, the ability to satisfy their higher needs, which corresponds closely with the social aspect of health and the ethos of old age, prevailing in a particular socio-cultural circle. Without a doubt, in the modern "pictorial" world, creating ideas – both social and cultural –  of the old age and the elderly people, is significantly influenced by the media, so the press, television, radio and the Internet.

Considering that today the media create an ideology, promote values and have become a carrier of knowledge, information, dissemination of attitudes and behavior,  it is extremely important how media create the image of old age and the elderly. It is clear that most media coverage shapes the ideas of modern man about the social and cultural world, and at the same time it affects the attitude towards the presented phenomena, facts, people, social groups. As the researchers note, the modern man has become homo mediens and homo irretitus (terms by J. Morbitzer) and ideas about reality are created by the mass media and the space of interactions closes in media hype.

Therefore, in the opinion of the organizers, the reflection on the image of aging and older people in the media is an opportunity to attempt a scientific view and draw conclusions, of which the scientific and practical application will allow to take appropriate educational, as well as  social, activities.

Objectives of the conference:

  • Recognizing the image of old age and the elderly people, created by contemporary media.
  • The discussion on the causes involving a picture of old age in the media.
  • Determination of the dominant in the media socio-cultural stereotypes about aging and older people.
  • Developing areas requiring deeper scientific research and the tasks facing education in building a positive image of aging and older people.


Conference Publication: After the conference, select group of participants will be invited to contribute to an edited volume.